Quit Wasting My Healthcare

The new blog of Compass Professional Health Services called Quit Wasting My Healthcare is focused on helping individuals and employers receive higher quality care and stop losing money on senseless healthcare costs. Quit Wasting My Healthcare is written by healthcare experts: a physician and a former hospital finance executive. They form a team with integrated clinical and economic acumen that is so badly needed in today’s healthcare world. The writers have seen the frustration, the inefficiency and the substandard care that is the US healthcare system from the front lines. The writers also have the data and have identified over $1 billion of waste in just one major metropolitan area alone. Employers are getting fleeced. Patients are not getting the care they deserve. Quit Wasting My Healthcare is your guide to the underlying problems and their solutions.

Quit Wasting My Healthcare takes insider provider know-how, turns it around and gives it to you in easy to understand language so that you can navigate the broken US healthcare system. Recent posts include topics such as:

(1) Using co-insurance to drive change
(2) $1,000 CT scans of questionable
(3) Price differences of over 200% even within network

You’ll find ideas on employer health benefit plan designs, thoughts on saving money when visiting the doctor, and comments on the politics of healthcare in the United States.

If you are a company CFO or president, if you work in employee benefits, if you are a healthcare professional or if you work in the insurance industry, then Quit Wasting My Healthcare is worth your attention.
Not reading it is a lost opportunity to learn something smart about healthcare.

About Compass:
Compass Professional Health Services was established in 2005 with the mission to help employers and individuals lower their healthcare costs while maintaining or improving the quality. Our employees and leadership bring unparalleled expertise in provider charge structures, patient guidance, and health satisfaction metrics. This experience uniquely positions Compass as a leader in employee healthcare support. Our services return control to the patient in a way that benefits the entire healthcare system. Better care, lower costs, happier patients – employers who use Compass see the difference.

The Mission of Compass Professional Health Services is to enable consumers and employers to receive and purchase higher value healthcare.

The Vision of Compass Professional Health Services is to be the premier provider of information and services that shift consumer and physician behavior towards lower cost and higher quality care.

Every person has the power to become a better healthcare consumer.

A Quick History of Products

Different Reasons Why People Need To Invest In A Portable And Quiet Power Generators Stand-alone home generators are very popular for a large number of people today, it can provide them with the required convenience and it can also make their own life to be easy for them in the very long run. These power generators are really convenient to people if they live in an area where it is usually visited by a number of natural disasters which can result in them experiencing power outages in their home. If people decides to buy a good power generator for their home, people must compare each kind of home generators in the market in order for people to buy the correct ones that is the best for them. People need to keep in mind that there are a large number of models and also manufacturers of power generators in the market, most of these power generators are made by good brands that are effective. But there is little to no difference among these power generators but it would usually come down to personal preferences of the people which are trying to buy a power generator for their various needs. If homeowners are in the market for power generators, the first thing that people need to think of is the fuel that they want to use due to the fact they are available in gasoline, diesel, natural gas and also propane. People need to choose a good power generator that can get to use fuel that is mostly abundant in their own area, this can help them in saving on fuel when having to power their generator during emergency situations.
Getting To The Point – Tools
When people decides to purchase a power generator to use in for their home during emergency conditions like natural disasters, then people can try to consider using a natural gas generator. If people are choosing to use their stand-alone generator on campsites, they have to choose one which is made by a very well-known brand to make sure that they can utilize a generator in a truly safe manner.
What You Should Know About Equipment This Year
It is vital for people to buy a great power generator which can assist them generate electricity in the market, they must make sure that the ones they buy is the best and also reliable in generating electricity. People can also get to utilize the internet when they are looking for a good power generator that is available in the market, they need to make sure that they ones they get to purchase are durable and can be utilized in a number of applications. It is important that they can read reviews about them from people that have used these power generators to help them with their different power problems.

A Simple Plan For Researching Hair

Hair Conditioning Using the Hot Oil Treatment Method Hot oil treatment is used to give hair a deep conditioning treatment. The treatment is used particularly to help prevent hair damage or reduce the already existing damage. There are several requirements that you must have before you start your hot oil treatment. It does not matter where you get your treatment done what matters is whoever is doing it. A step to step guide to having the treatment is given. The first thing you do is heat the oil. It will take maybe a minute or two for the oil to warm up to just about the water’s temperature. The hot oil is first applied to the scalp and not the hair. whether you start at the back or at the front of your head, ensure the oil is evenly rubbed through your hair. There are various reasons why the oil is massaged onto the scalp. One, it helps to dislodge the hair that’s about to fall out. When you rub the hot oil into your head surface, the oil goes deeper to make your head feel healthier. Not only is your head treated but your whole body is revived and relaxed. After the scalp enjoys adequate oil stimulation; apply for a short duration the hot oil on your hair. The next thing you have to do is cover your head with a shower cap and then a hot towel. Use the hot towel to warm and open up the hair follicles and cuticles to allow the oil continue sinking in no matter what. You can now wait for the recommended time for the oil to get deep into the skin. Later you should use warm water for a scalp to rinse out the oil. The warmness in the rinsing water is important to reheat the oil and give your hair one last boost of extra moisturizing.
Getting Down To Basics with Resources
After you use the water, wash the hair again using now the shampoo twice. If you have long hair touching the neck, ensure you fold it to wash the neck to avoid the oil on your skin from gathering back to your hair and make it look oily within the few minutes of drying. Let your hair air dry as long as you possibly can, waiting to use a hair dryer until your hair is at least three quarter the way dry.
Getting Down To Basics with Resources
Apart from the above guide given in this article, other ways exist in which you can carry out the hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment is a very safe method of smoothening your cuticle, softening dry scalp, roughening up hair and does help in sealing moisture.

A Potential Replacement For Chronic Pain Medication Low Level Laser Therapy

People who suffer from daily symptoms of pain tire of taking chronic pain medication cocktails to alleviate their constant suffering. Yet, faced with the choice between feeling the pain and paying for expensive medications, most people reluctantly choose to spend the money for relief. There is however, good evidence to suggest that low level laser light therapy can replace a large portion of peoples dependence on medication.

The current environment in the medical field is one of tension. Doctors willing to go with the newest developments may quickly prescribe, or direct patients to laser therapy, while other traditional practitioners continue to resist these new ways of treating infirmity. Science is on the side of the new developments, and thousands of medical research tests stand to prove the effects of cold laser therapy.

Understandably, if a person had to visit a clinic several times a week to reap the same benefits that he or she could get by taking pills as part of his or her morning routine, it might not be an improvement to switch to laser treatment. The great benefit lies in the reality that laser therapy units can be purchased and used from the comfort of a persons own home.

An initial investment is costly, several thousand dollars at least, but the long-term savings compared to continued prescription medication costs is more so. Moreover, daily use of a light therapy instrument may cure or permanently alleviate the sources of pain in a persons body. Not every person will experience total healing, but the science behind the treatment indicates that many people will, to some degree heal.

Low level laser light therapy is better than chronic pain medications because it, unlike the pills, stimulates bodily tissues to heal and self-repair. In severe cases, people suffering from cancer have used laser treatment to stimulate bone marrow growth, which in turn improved health and vitality leading to some level of recovery and daily vitality. No one claims that this therapeutic treatment is a replacement for all medical advances, but it certainly is a beneficial new development with great promise for its future.

Beauty Hospitals In Lisbon, Portugal

If getting plastic surgery in your own backyard embarrasses you, how about getting it in Lisbon. Lisbon has the best plastic surgeons in the world and post-operative care is also excellent. You can combine your treatment with a real treat – enjoying the best of Lisbon while you can and in comfortable and luxurious surroundings.

Lisbon Hospitals: If the issue is a minor beauty surgery and the cost is more affordable compared to local plastic surgery, it is smart to get the procedure here in Lisbon. The procedure is done in private clinics or in private hospitals. Nobody need to know that you had a boob job, nose lift, or removal of sagging eye bags. Patient information is kept secure, unless you are celebrity forever hounded by sly paparazzi.

Private hospitals are run efficiently and medical services and lab exams are immediately done. For minor medical consultations, it is also practical to go to private hospitals. Government hospitals are fine but if you are in a hurry you cannot afford to wait in line for hours.

Fortunately these hospitals are easily accessible in the city. But if you happen to seek medical attention in rural areas, be prepared to deal with less adequate facilities. The language problem is also an issue in rural areas. Doctors and nurses in private and public hospitals in the city can communicate effectively with English-speaking tourists.

Lisbon’s main hospitals are Hospital de Santa Maria, Hospitais Civis de Lisboa, National Institute of Oncology Francisco Gentil, and Hospital Polido Valente. There is no dearth of pharmacies too. You can have your Lisbon doctor’s prescription filled any time.

Apart from beauty treatments, Lisbon is also a Mecca for those seeking drug rehabilitation and treatment. The same confidentiality is given to patients’ information. Those hospitals or treatment centers are situated in private enclaves or in centers away from the city center. To find the best drug rehabilitation center or plastic surgeon, check the ratings for centers and doctors.

Accommodation: Holiday apartments for rent in Lisbon are aplenty. Apartments are cheaper than hotels if you plan an extended stay in Lisbon. The apartments are often renovated homes or new buildings with cozy bedrooms and a spacious living room. Luxury apartments boast of private pools and rooms with a view.

Book a holiday apartment online to get a good look at the offerings – number of rooms, facilities, and apartment location. You can make special arrangements should you need a place to recuperate. Rates are accordingly charged – per person per night or rent for use of the apartment for an extended period.

Online bookings are secure and customer information is held in strict confidence. With this assurance, seeking beauty treatment in Lisbon is breeze.

The 10 Commandments of Photographers And How Learn More

Learn More About Photography and the Work of Wedding Photographers

One of the most common dreams and goals in life of each couples who are deeply in love with each other and wants to spend their lifetime together is to get married, and to have a perfect wedding day would definitely be one of the enlisted wishes on their wish list, as together they face a new beginning and a new chapter of their lives. In most of the various religions in the world, a wedding is defined as a holy matrimonial ceremony which is done to unite two individuals together with the blessings of their parents and our Almighty God and with the presence of their relatives, siblings and friends who would act as their witness in their holy union.

Nowadays, more and more couples who are already engaged to be married have been practicing some of the latest trends in wedding ceremonies and celebrations, which could definitely add more enjoyment, special moments and joyful and everlasting memories which is not only for them but also for their families, relatives and friends. Taking pictures and videos of weddings are one of the most common activities that are done during the said event, and also one of the important and beneficial to the lives of the couples because they can use it as a remembrance of their special day and they can show it to their future children and grandkids, which is why hiring a wedding photographer is very commonly practiced by each couples on their wedding. A wedding photographer is specializing in photography activities which is basically related to weddings, they are usually taking and capturing the special moments of the couples and their guests during the wedding ceremony and up to their reception and some of their services also includes pre-nuptial photo shoots, for announcement of the wedding, portrait displays and thank you cards or a wedding giveaways.

Some of the shots and captured images of wedding photographers can be in a candid form or posed shots, and after the said event they will provide their clients a set of proofs that are unretouched and unedited images for the clients to view and look at and for their clients to be able to select the photos to be printed, but nowadays that we are already in the modern era, wedding photographers are already using the modern technologies in providing their clients an online proof gallery. Wedding photographers are usually offering their clients several kinds of packages of their services and products that they can offer to their clients, which can allow their clients to choose for the best package that may be enough for their budget of their wedding, and the people who wants to find the best photographer and videographer for their wedding day can find the best one in their local area through the use of the internet, local newspapers and magazines, TV or radio ads or from the word of mouth of friends and relatives.

Another Source: http://bestcolumbusweddingphotography.com/wedding-photography-information/one-wedding-photographer-or-two

Generators Tips for The Average Joe

Tips for Choosing The Best Backup Power Generator Electricity outage can disrupt any type of business, particularly those that depend on electricity to run their operations. Regardless of the size of your business, it is crucial to look for reliable backup solutions to prevent incurring huge losses when there are power issues. Many firms rely on computer networks for sale of goods and services and they might bear great losses in case of interruptions in power supply. If the companies experience unexpected electricity surge or outage, they risk losing data kept in the computers including details about creditors, debtors and clients. The best protection against regular power interruptions is having a quality commercial standby electricity generator. Similar to grid power, the generators can operate broad variety of commercial structures including servers, computer systems, security gadgets, industrial machines as well as heating and air conditioners. Additionally, they come in diverse sizes to serve the needs of both startup and big companies and stop losses that might arise during power interruptions. The top manufacturers of backup power generators offer extensive generator models designed to address different requirements. With a quality generator, your computers other machines that depend on electricity continue running effectively without downtime until restoration of the main power. Sometimes electricity issues occur during the night and upturn the risk of heavy losses. Fortunately, the advanced standby power generators start running automatically when the main grid electricity connection fails.
Lessons Learned About Sales
Some of the leading generator designers of commercial standby generators may be willing to visit your business, evaluate the electricity needs and come up with the most suitable power generator model. The most amazing advantage of a custom built electricity generators is that they permit selection of models, control features, generator sizes, colors, fuel choices and fuel reservoir sizes that meet the requirements of your firm.
The Essentials of Products – Breaking Down the Basics
When choosing a commercial power generator, it is important to consider several factors like the size of your business entity, the frequency of power outage, type of fuel and fuel efficiency. Most of the commercial generators run on diesel, petrol, or natural gas while each of the options has negatives and positives. If you are searching for a standby generator for your residential property or a small commercial entity, a small business grade power generator is likely to address your electricity requirements. Depending on your electricity needs, a suitable backup generator should provide uninterrupted power for at least twenty-four hours. In case you have well-known a commercial enterprise in an area that is normally affected by power outage, you ought to always select a large standby generators that can withstand usual operations for about a week. Finally, you ought to seek guidance of the producer or sales agent to ensure you pick the best type of backup generator.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Consultants

Vital Information You Need To Know About Timber Sales

There are a number of different people that grow their very own trees. You can also see some people that buys ready to cut trees in lumber mills. This is very practical for some people or organization as they will not be spending anything juts to grow the trees and another extra just for the lumber mill to prepare them.

For those that have been growing trees the small time way, then they may only be able to experience getting a lumber sale once or twice within their lives. This is the reason why they have to make sure that they will make the most out of it. And we will be talking about how that system works. It is very important that the tree growers will make their trees grow in the correct shape and age. By the time that the trees come of age, then he will decide if he will harvest the trees on his own or sell it to the market timber sales.

If the grower decides to sell it to the lumber mill, the purchaser can have a tour to the location. An offer will now be given once the assessment has been made. The moment that a deal will be made, then they will be signing a contract. You must see to it that you will get a watertight deal.

Bringing the equipment that the buyer has to the location of the tree can now be done since a deal has already been made. It must be clear that the buyer will only have the rights to the trees and not the whole property. It is when the trees have been harvested that the grower can replant another set of trees.

It is the seller that should know the things to look into when buying timber so that her will make the most of the trees that he has sold. A professional help is needed by the seller if he only knows about a few things about the selling of timber. When it comes to this aspect, then you can ask help from people that brokers timbers. Using them as a broker for the timber that you are selling is also a good idea. They will make sure that everything will be done correctly.

Getting the very first offer is the thing that you should not do. Even if it will take a longer time for your timber to be sold, you have to make sure that you will get multiple offers. You have to get four to five offers. By doing so, you will also be able to understand the worth of your timber.

Red Light Therapy

While red light therapy has become popular as an effective anti-aging and skin rejuvenation solution, there are still some doubts and questions people have about this new age technology. Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about red light therapy to dispel all such doubts.

What results can I expect from red light anti-aging and skin rejuvenation therapy?

Studies and researches have shown that anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments using red light therapy improves the skin tone and its texture, reduces pore size, controls spot pigmentations, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as promotes healthy looking vibrant skin. Red light treatments stimulate circulation and help to repair elastin fibers thus helping to keep the skin firm. It also promotes improved detoxification and oxygenation thus improving natural skin repair and creating healthy skin. Overall you and your skin will look and feel much younger.

Is red light therapy safe?

Red light therapy is one of the very few non invasive ways of harmlessly and gently removing aging signs. These red light lamps do not emit any ultraviolet rays, are completely pain free and do not require any healing time. Red light therapy makes use of red light lying within the wavelength range of 620 to 700nm. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), red light with a wavelength of 633nm is considered as a non significant risk and is safe for the eyes. Invasive procedures for anti-aging treatment such as dermal fillers and injections, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and chemical peels can have severe side effects. However, you must consult your physician before going for red light therapy if you suffer from an increased sensitivity to light or have been prescribed photo sensitive medication.

How does red light therapy work?

Red light anti-aging and skin rejuvenation therapy uses red light lamps which emit red light at a wavelength of 633nm. This red light penetrates into the skin where it is readily absorbed because of the high blood and water content in the skin layers. The red light stimulates increased production of collagen and elastin in the skins layer which helps to reverse the aging process of the skin. Laboratory tests and studies have in fact revealed that exposure to certain wavelengths of light can cause skin cells to grow about 150 to 200 percent faster. Also, red light at a wavelength of 633 nm promotes oxygenation, hydration and detoxification of the skin, thus ensuring younger looking skin.

What Makes Using An Infrared Sauna A Healthy Solution

People nowadays are more health-conscious. We are more aware of what we eat or drink, we run marathons, juice vegetables, take natural supplements or enroll in yoga classes to keep our bodies fit and sound. As the world becomes more polluted, we resort to solutions that will, hopefully, keep us away from being vulnerable to diseases and other health problems. Despite a good number of healthy solutions, only a few can compare to those you can get by utilizing an infrared sauna.

Research has proven that infrared saunas can actually relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, promote weight loss, reverse heart disease, and best of all, fight cancer. They work by using infrared heaters to convert light into heat. The heat penetrates into the body’s tissues and heats water molecules to release extra toxins Without raising temperature,.

So how does an infrared sauna fight diseases? For one like cancer that grows on tissues due to poor circulation, the sauna can boost overall circulation and help distribute the necessary nutrients needed by the body’s tissues. For those suffering from congestive heart failure, saunas have been proven to strengthen the heart, improve blood pressure and help relieve arrhythmia. Infrared treatment has also been reported to reduce tumor volume to 86% in 30 days.

Moreover, the infrared sauna is useful if you want to reduce your blood pressure without resorting to prescription drugs because it can dilate blood cells and reduce thickness of the inner lining. Repeated treatment can also help impaired blood vessels function well and improve the lives of those suffering from high blood, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

For those with weight issues, the infrared sauna can be a healthy alternative to other means of sweating because 30 minutes inside it equates to 30 minutes of average aerobic exercise. Though it does not replace exercise efforts, it augments exercise routines.

Ultimately, if you want your body to reach its highest potential, go for this healthy solution. Don’t forget, however, to eat well, sleep well and exercise to achieve optimum health. For more information, visit
Way-to-Detox.html. This writeup explains more about the benefits of infrared sauna.