Make the Voting Process Fair Again With End Citizens United

Citizens United is a conservative group that made headlines with their campaign finance case that was heard before the Supreme Court. Citizens United v. FEC was designed to dispute some of the details of the McCain-Feingold Law. It basically made it legal for corporations to be considered people and protected their political advertising as free speech under the law. The group, despite alleging it was formed to assist the American people by ensuring traditional values, has spent much of its efforts in using their new-found freedom to control elections and sway voters.

Before the case, spending by corporations during elections was heavily regulated. After the case it has become much easier for corporations and corporate leaders to create advertising, write books and make movies that vilify candidates they do not support. Finding out the source of the funding can be difficult and, despite the fact that these groups are not supposed to be connected to specific candidates, the media they release is often extremely biased against Democratic candidates.

Groups are now aligning to find a way to stop this unfair advantage. Since the Supreme Court case it has become increasingly difficult for the average voter to have any influence in the election process. Instead, the law has made the election process, in both state and federal contests, generally controlled by big corporations and wealthy individuals.

The American political system was carefully designed to ensure that the people of the United States had control over the direction of their country. Since that time the accountability and transparency in the election process has been eliminated. Wealthy individuals and the corporations they control are buying elections and supporting candidates they know will tailor laws to fit their needs.

The grassroots group, End Citizens United, has been created to increase awareness of the problem and to advocate for a Constitutional amendment that will demand transparency in all campaign donations and advertising. It will make it impossible for those with an agenda to hide behind PACs that are running slanderous campaign ads or providing misleading information to voters. It is time the people, not the corporations, were able to have control of their democracy. Join the movement and help to make the election process fair again.